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Life Balance Worksheets

Work-life balance, time management, work stress, life…managing it all can be overwhelming and seem impossible. It doesn’t have to. You just need to learn the skills necessary to master these assignments. I’m Ginger Ross and it is my privilege to share with you how I rose from the ashes and have achieved balance and harmony in my life.

Welcome to the Choices Life Balance Worksheets page. The forms on this page are free to download and use in your daily life to help you attain self-perspective, identify areas for growth, improvement, and time management. You can use these forms as many times as you want…because lasting change doesn’t happen with the first attempt (usually). All forms have fillable fields.

The Choices Work-Life Balance Inventory will provide you a glimpse of areas that can you can improve upon to move you towards the balance and harmony in your life that is available to you.


The evidence-informed Root Cause Analysis tool is used in many professional areas and it can be used to identify the root of most personal issues. I encourage you to try this tool out. It will only take 10 short minutes. Spoiler alert – the root of most people’s problems lies within. The good news is, you have complete control to change whatever the problem is. How motivating is that?!


One of my favorite quotes is, “It takes 9 years to become an overnight success.” Another favorite is when Princess Kathryn was waving in the horse-drawn carriage as she rode through the streets of London on her wedding day. Prince William said to her, “You have to keep waiving even if it is too much for you.” The translation is success isn’t easy. Hard work is a critical factor in all successful outcomes. The work may look different for everyone but the theory remains the same.

The Choices Daily Task Manager is your daily roadmap to self-management. The map will assist you in focusing and achieving small wins that can lead to feeling good about yourself, making space for other projects, and overall work-life balance.


This tool can be a trite confusing. Please feel free to reach out to me (Ginger Ross) for an introductory 30-minute coaching session for only $25.00 where we will review this tool, set some actions steps, and get you moving forward in your life.

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