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Grab your first 5 lessons today. Your Choices - Your Life.

Life is a journey, a quest for self-discovery and self -fulfillment.

At a young age, for some unknown reason many already think we have life licked. One may seldom take advice because we get it, we know everything. Later, at varying ages, some in their 30s, or 40s or 50s we then go on a quest to figure life out because life kicked our butts. We suffered, we encountered pain, confusion and losses. We recognize that we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Some of us look back at teenagers or people in their 20s who think they know everything, and we chuckle – because we’ve been there. We feel for the youngsters that are going to do things their way. And we ponder why didn’t I know these things when I was younger!!? Why didn’t someone teach me? Did someone tell me and I simply didn’t listen or hear?

That’s what happened to me, and countless [others] friends and family members of mine. It is for these reasons that I have created this book; Maybe you didn’t have the best parents or guides, or maybe you thought did and are now questioning what went wrong or what was missing (why aren’t you happy?); or maybe you want to head into the jungle prepared; This tool box for you.

Part 1 - 5 Week Course

Week 1: What is Love

Week 2: Choices is Your Responsibility

Week 3: Who am I?

Week 4: I Am Beautiful Because…

Week 5: Emotions V. Feelings

Stay tuned for the release of your next five lessons.

Your Choices - Your Life - Five Very Real Lessons

What Are You Waiting For?

Take A Look Inside Of Part 1!

My Choices, My Life

How Do I Love?

Are you sometimes frustrated with your relationships? Do you wonder what part you play in them? Get those questions answered, and work your way to owning your life and your love.

My Choices, My Life

Choosing your Choices is a Choice

Have you ever wondered why you are where you’re at in your life? Or, maybe you’re looking to create a life with intention? Every choice we make has a price tag. Own your life..

My Choices, My Life

Who am I?

You Do You. Easier said than done. How do you do you? Who are you? What do you stand for? What footprint will you on this earth. Find out the you inside of you.

My Choices, My Life

I am a Piece of Art

Low self-esteem, never enough, striving to be like others. Stop right where you are. You are enough. Find out how to give yourself permission to be perfectly imperfect and love yourself immeasurably.

My Choices, My Life

Emotional Disturbance Up Ahead.

Managing emotions – one tough task, but entirely doable. Achieving emotional intelligence is an admirable skill that will help you master your surroundings and your life. Learn how!

My Choices, My Life

Social Skills? I've got those.

Say what you mean but don’t’ say it mean. Do you sometimes wish you had said something better than you did? Ever wonder why you feel socially awkward? Learn the why’s of how you communicate and steps to improve your social interactions and your life!

Here’s the reality…Life is hard! And in the midst of all the outside influences, you can own your life by using my five layer theory of life; Beliefs, Perception, Expectations, Energy and Choices. This workbook will take you through a journey to interpret how you came to be who you are and that you alone have the power to change that by recognizing these five simple but complex concepts.

Please use the tools activities to help guide you through your journey, with the hopes that you will find calmness and joy so you can make the most of your life now and reach your full potential, not be trying to figure it out when you’re 50, 60 or 70 and wish you had it to do over again.

You Decide

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