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What you think is Compassion Fatigue Could be Life Stress

We live in a different world than we did five years ago and vastly different from 15 years ago. It is my position that the introduction of texting, phone apps, podcasts, etc., has been the leading contribution to Life Stress. Technology has imposed a covert notion that we must be available to respond the moment we hear a ping. This is a self-imposed belief that limits, nay – stunts our personal health and well-being, and growth.

Here’s a quick article on Compassion Fatigue:

Stay tuned to this blog post thread to learn more about an upcoming, short learning series that will help you step outside of your 24/7 on-call response system and start taking care of yourself.

If you want to stop the madness and take control of your life, reach out to me in advance for information @ I typically reply within 24 hours.

Own your choices, own your day.


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