Post Recovery Coach Academy NH

Here’s some follow up materials and information, however, I misplaced my notes and may be missing some items. Please let me know what I promised you all! Thanks and sorry!

CRSW: I have loaded all the information pertaining to CRSW credentialing on my website Click on CRSW info. The application, study guides, four domain list, etc…are all on that page, as well as the Licensing Board contact info.

Advocacy: I have forwarded your contact information to New Futures, the NH Advocacy organization for legislation reform. Their website address is You can peruse the website for bills going in front of the House of Representatives and choose to be a part of advocacy for those. There are a large number of bills being proposed this year. I think you’ll be stunned!

Continuum of Practice: Presenter – Dean Lemire;  Here’s the link to that page where you can review past recordings, and enroll to be notified about future webinars and be a part of the Continuum of Practice Community.  Please let myself or Dean know if you have any troubles,

Online Trainings & Tuition Reimbursements: You can find a wealth of online trainings, as well as information on tuition reimbursement programs on this website; . The NH State plan for college tuition reimbursement can be found here,

Additional online trainings can be found at,,, CCAR Online Webinars Series

Films: I have been told Anonymous People video is available on Netflix and Amazon. I do not know for sure. I got my copy from my local library in Hampton. Check with your library too!

Racism of the Well Intended can be purchased for $35 from Jim and Art directly. Email address (Jim Wuelfing <>). If you would like to borrow my copy of the Racism, let me know and we’ll figure out how to get it to you.

Statewide Family Support Groups PDF – Click Here

Upcoming trainings: The private link to the Suicide Prevention training is This is a private training for you, and some folks that missed the last training due to the April 1st blizzard.

The New England School of Addiction Studies is hosting their annual Summer School (always in Worcester) this coming June. Here’s the link for information;

Ethics & HIV dates will be released soon.

Recovery Coach Academy; Scheduled in Nashua from June 26th – June 30th. Admission is free. Please read more at

Chucky’s Fight facebook and website;  and

To contact Ed Talbot from Problem Gamblers, He is in need of some volunteering if you, or anyone you know may be interested.

I sent  you the Crisis Protocol and Wellness Plans already.

I found out that the state of Maine does not have any type of higher credential for Recovery Coach or similar credential like NH & MA (CRSW).

However, contact information for Maine would be through the Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery; Darren Ripley,,

Please check the website often as I am trying to continuously update the site with blog posts on things that are going on around the state.

Please let me know what I have failed to attach. Thank you all very much.

With inspiration,

Ginger Ross