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I’m tired of measuring up!

Good Monday Morning everyone! Are you ready to create a terrific week for yourself? I’m going to try! I read my daily motivation. Yes, I rely on them also🙃 And as much as I support this daily motivation which you can read below from, sometimes I feel like our world puts so much pressure on ‘creating the life I dream of’ as it ‘should’ be measured or I should be wanting this outrageously glamorous life. For some people, they don’t want that. For some, people want a simple life, their bills paid, close family connections and a humble home. Don’t feel less than because you sense that your authentic aspirations don’t measure up to the glamour society portrays on media. Do you and be proud of it. What is the life you dream of? I invite you to express yourself in the comment section below. Love to hear from you!


I fully believe in myself.

I am sure I will create the life I’ve been dreaming of.

I strive to make positive changes in the face of challenges.

I can effectively control my thoughts.

I can access my inner calm anywhere.

I have faith in my capabilities.

I can rely on myself.

I feel good about my talents and skills.

Find out what healthy choices are and choose them!

Live well.


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