The Combination

My name is Ginger Ross, i'm in my 50s and I've survived a thing or two. After learning from the school of hard knocks and in my pursuit of mental health and well being I kept a journal of the things I wish I knew when I was 17, or things I just wish someone had told me. Whether we have the best parents in the world, or not, there's so much to learn and almost impossible to know everything. I've compiled this book entitled The Combination...things I wish I knew @ 17, these things I wish I knew potentially could/would/should have given me a different map in which to navigate life with. Now, in my 50s, I feel like I'm just beginning what I should have begun almost 40 years ago.

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Life Coaching

Only an individual is the expert on their own life, how much they can accomplish, what direction they want to go, what barriers exist. Sometimes things get in our way and we cannot see the path as clearly as we would like.

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Public Speaker - Trainer

I started my public speaking career off as a trainer for CCAR Recovery Coach Academies, which is a five day intensive training. Over the past couple of years, my portfolio has grown to include Ethics for Recovery Support Workers, Self Care & Compassion Fatigue, and my favorite - Motivational Interviewing or Motivational Conversation. I also so public speaking engagements on a variety of different topics related to quality of life, where to expend your energy, boundary management and finding happiness by being real. You can find out about my peer recovery trainings by visiting For info on speaking engagements please email me through the link below.

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South African Beaded Bracelets

How do you get inspiration on a daily basis? Do you find yourself seeking information to help you achieve your goals but then after the day gets started you forget about them? I know I did. That's why I went out and searched for just the right bracelet to bring to you. These bracelets are hand made in South Africa and the project allows mothers to earn a weekly paycheck. I hope you'll support them while benefiting from the energy the bracelets generate within you, and the messages you share with the world in order to make you and it a better place! Coming very soon! Custom orders upon request. Please inquire @ thecombination97 at

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Do you suffer, or know someone, that suffers from chronic achy legs from standing on them all day, or from varicose veins. I do, me. I have tried everything with little results (I am not a candidate for the surgery). One day, when vacationing in Florida my legs had had enough and I literally couldn't go on. I stumbled across this product that I applied and had Immediate results. I bought a bus load of the product and brought it back to NH to ultimately create a smooth, somewhat cream leg balm/lotion that relieves chronic leg pain.

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