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Since I was 28 years old and experienced my first motivational interviewer while working for Marriott Corp, I have wanted to be a motivator and professional speaker. That being said, I never thought this was the route I would take to get here - Max Nix. I'm here and am proud of NH Recovery Coach Academy! I love what I do and am continuing to increase my knowledge and portfolio of trainings offered to include topics on Choices and Expectations, Cultural Diversity, and Emotional Violence is Domestic Violence. Please stay tuned.


NH Recovery Coach Academy


Like many of us in our mid 50s, I've gone through my own drama, trauma and fortunately, growth. Through my growth, I came to the realization that I over-simplified words, didn't use them appropriately, or simply just had know idea of their true meaning. Thru my own personal growth I realized that everything, in one way or another, is connected to emotions; and the words we use are no different. Today, I now know that if I am not feeling the word(s) I use than I am not using them correctly. Also, I learned how different perceptions can be based on personal lived experiences. These perceptions can be distorted.

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Bear with me

Please bear with me while I fine tune my site. Especially as I begin to dive into education and advocacy around Emotional Abuse; and as I move forward with my new project, The BIC Project. Please stay tuned for more information on that. Thank you!


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